Dr. Rebecca Lowry - Former Superintendent of Westmoreland Schools

Dr. Rebecca Lowry - School Psychologist and Former Superintendent

A former school superintendent with a PhD in educational leadership, Rebecca Lowry has dedicated her career to developing educational programs that serve all aspects of a student body, including disenfranchised and underserved populations. In addition to her endeavors as a school superintendent, Rebecca Lowry has shaped educational policy and improved learning outcomes as a school psychologist, executive director, and chief academic officer.

Dr. Lowry began her career as a school psychologist working mostly with students with special needs. Subsequently, she became an educational administrator with the Cleveland Municipal School District, where she served in positions such as executive director of secondary and post-secondary education, deputy chief of post-secondary education, and chief academic officer. During her time with the Cleveland schools, Dr. Lowry designed programs that improved student performance in connection with the No Child Left Behind Act, and developed integrative initiatives with colleges and universities in the area.

After leaving the Cleveland Municipal School District, Dr. Rebecca Lowry held administrative roles with Dayton Public Schools and the Chichester School District before taking a position as superintendent of schools for the Westmoreland County Public Schools in Montross, Virginia. In this position, she led a district of nearly 2,000 students while managing a budget of $18 million. In addition to improving academic programs, she designed and implemented the first five-year strategic plan in the district’s history. Dr. Lowry draws upon her previous experience in her current position as a school psychologist in Darke County, Ohio.